Approaching Target Users | Digital Marketing Strategies for Increasing Organic Traffic

To boost natural traffic on your company’s e-commerce site, utilize digital marketing to reach target users and enrich content. This article focuses on marketing, digital marketing, and web marketing, elucidating specific strategies.

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Enhancing In-House Content to Convey Brand and Product Appeal

Enrich your company’s e-commerce site with content that conveys brand and product allure. This content is presented as landing pages or blog articles. By extensively introducing brand features, product usage, and styling ideas, you can captivate users’ interest.

Roles of Content

Increasing Inflow with Sub-Keywords: Targeting brand names or specific items can be challenging. Thus, the focus is on sub-keywords (e.g., rider jacket styling, casual fashion) to enhance inflow.

Approaching Users with High Purchase Intent: Users searching with complex keywords tend to have higher purchase intent. Offering content about specific items and styling promotes conversions.

Leveraging SNS for Information Dissemination and Follower Growth

Utilizing Social Networking Services (SNS) can augment natural traffic through brand information dissemination and follower expansion.

SNS Selection and Target Users

Instagram: Ideal for visually strong products and styling.

Twitter: Suitable for rapid dissemination of updates and campaign information.

TikTok: Effective for promoting products and content aimed at a younger demographic.

Utilizing Surveys and Interactions for Posts

Survey Pages: Conduct surveys to understand user preferences and recommend appropriate products.

Polling Content: Offering choices to users generates engagement and enhances interest in products.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing leverages existing customers to introduce the company site to friends and acquaintances, a strategy that capitalizes on their trust and influence. By spreading the company site through personal experiences and satisfaction, credibility is heightened, making referrals to new customers more persuasive. Offering incentives or rewards to referrers and those referred enhances participation and stimulates proactive word-of-mouth propagation. This approach capitalizes on customer communities and relationships, effectively driving ongoing customer acquisition.

External Links

The external linking strategy aims to increase links to the company site from other websites or blogs. Search engine algorithms consider links from other sites as crucial indicators of the company site’s trustworthiness and importance. Collaborating with relevant sites for mutual links enhances web presence and improves search engine ranking. Additionally, links from other sites create new influx channels, increasing opportunities for existing audiences of other sites to visit the company site. The external linking strategy is a significant approach to enhancing organic inflow and is strategically valuable.


For the success of your company’s e-commerce site, strategies to increase organic traffic are vital. By approaching target users through digital marketing and enriching content, it’s possible to augment site visitors.

This article begins with the importance of enhancing in-house content to convey brand and product appeal. It details specific strategies such as inflow increase through sub-keywords, targeting users with high purchase intent, SNS usage methods, referral marketing, and external linking strategies.

By combining these strategies and implementing them appropriately, you can steadily increase natural traffic to your company’s e-commerce site. However, continuous effort and improvement are necessary. Marketing is a changing realm, yet fundamental principles remain consistent. To boost organic traffic, strategize, adapt flexibly, and aim for success.

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