We introduce the changelog of the Shopify app “Product Imager” in reverse chronological order.


We have updated the app name to “PicSync – ex Product Imager”.


We have released the beta version of the Handle Match feature.


We have added an excerpt of the CSV guide to the app’s home screen.


We have made improvements to the app’s program to address the issue of images being duplicated in the /products/ directory when uploaded from the store’s file management. Now, even after duplication, the images can be correctly uploaded on other product pages.


We have added instructions on the app’s home screen.


We have updated the app to accommodate the change in the file management system specifications of Shopify. As a result, the image file paths (URLs) within the store have been modified, and our app has been updated accordingly to support the new paths.


We have added a link to the “CSV Guide“, a comprehensive resource that provides clear instructions on how to create the CSV file for uploading to the app. This guide will help you understand the process at a glance.


We have completely redesigned the app’s user interface, providing a fresh and updated look for the operational screens.


We have released the app.